Japan’s Measures against the new Corona Virus

The Japanese government has not yet banned entry from China. There is an opinion that it is pointless to now prohibit entry because it is a step a bit too late. However, I think that it is effective from the viewpoint of not increasing the number of people who use the medical consultation and treatments. People come from China almost every day now. If these people have a fever or visit a medical institution with other symptoms, the doctor’s time is obviously taken. When the number of infected people in Japan increases from now on, and there is a possibility that the number of people who get sick increases due to the time of hay fever, is it necessary to allow people to enter from the country where the infection originates and is outrageously spreading?

In addition, if a foreigner is found to be infected in Japan, medical expenses will be borne by Japan. The medical system is in turmoil in China, so it would be no wonder that some Chinese thought it would be better to go to Japan. In fact, such information seems to be flowing on the internet. When one is in trouble, it is said that we help each other, but I think it is important that the Japanese people can use medical institutions in Japan first, and that the system is maintained, but not overburdened. If there is room, it will be possible to consider support for foreign countries. Should citizens and prefectural residents agree that local governments send protection masks and protective clothing to China, ignoring the current situation of domestic scarcity? A ruling diet member is trying to automatically deduct relief money from the salaries of ruling party lawmakers in order to send them to China. I have never heard that such an act had been done for the people who have suffered from natural disasters in Japan and have lost all their household goods. Why would Japanese politicians want to help China that much?

Measures to prevent passengers from stepping off large cruise ships in Yokohama Port were taken. Consequently, people coming from China by air should also immediately be stopped from now on. Japanese businessmen return to China after the Chinese New Year holiday, even though the Japanese government flew chartered planes to Wuhan and brought the Japanese back home. Many Japanese businesspeople say that if the government banned travel, they won’t have to go to China. However, private companies can make their own decisions, and it is the businessmen working in China who have much information about China. How much information Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is gathering is unclear. There are also other staffs from other ministries besides the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It would be a pity if they do not share information with the Japanese government and the Japanese private sector.

Whereas a country with a population of more than 1.4 billion people might not care much about losing 100 or 200 million of its people, Japan with a little more than 100 million people ought to take different measures. It is necessary for Japan to take measures early on because decision making procedures take much time as opposed to China which can quickly execute orders in a top down fashion. Unfortunately, the matter of the new corona virus seems to be not so important an issue for Japanese politicians.

Even though Japan experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake only nine years ago, it is very strange that the country’s awareness of security and crisis management is still lacking.

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