President Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan

President Trump’s Middle East peace plan is a proposal that puts Israel first, and the majority seems to say that it is not acceptable at all for Palestine. But do those who are opposed to this proposal have any constructive realistic solutions?

Of course, from the perspective of Palestine, there’s no denying that President Trump’s proposal is closer to Israel. However, the reality is that Israel exists there. It is unrealistic at this point that Israel will disappear from the map. The Israeli society cannot do without the Palestinian labor force, and vice versa. The Palestinians cannot make a living without the Israelian society at present.

Palestine has now an opportunity to focus on building a prosperous and independent country after enduring long years of conflict. Israel will not be able to curb the population growth of the Jewish ultra-orthodox. How long can the Israeli society withstand this ultra-orthodox? There could be a great opportunity now for Palestine as well. Until then, it would be better to concentrate on making the country prosper first.

Even if people continue to oppose the Middle East peace plan, the situation will not change. Is it as important to live in conflict as ever? Being born into and living in an unstable society forecloses any meaningful future for Palestine. It is much wiser to take a step as an independent country first and to create a rich country thereafter. Opposition to each and every proposal is not going to solve the problem.

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